Spoken English Pakistan

Spoken English Pakistan

People know how to write English, but it is quite difficult for them to speak English. This problem arises due to many factors. Some people are not confident whether the things they are saying are correct or not and some people are hesitant to speak in front of people because they feel as if the other person is going to judge him or her.

There are many academies which are offering spoken English course, but people cannot go over there due to two main reasons. First, people do not want to spend 7,000 on their spoken English course and the other reason is that people are not willing to travel from one place to another because the traffic has increased so much.

PACANS is offering free spoken English course for the students of Pakistan. Now you will not have to spend thousands of rupees and you will not have to travel from one place to another. You will just have to log on to www.pacans.com and start learning English for free. There are more than 500 free online videos in Urdu which will help you learn English well. There are more than 100 quizzes available on the website which will help you practice important rules of English Grammar.

The videos are free and you can even get your essays and letters checked for free, but you want personal attention from the online tutors of PACANS then you will have to pay on Rs 1,000 for the skype tuition. There would 5 students enrolled in the class and each of the students would be given a topic on which he or she will speak. If you want personal attention from the tutor and you do not want the tutor to give admission to more students then you will simply have to request the teacher to arrange separate time for you. Please remember that all the videos made by Mr. Umar Khan are absolutely free and you would not be required to pay for them


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