Spoken English tutor Pakistan gugranwala

I want to tell you something. There was a time when I could not write a sentence, but now I can easily write a 1000-word essay. I think that you will think that PACANS has paid me to write this, but it is not true.

I took 2 month course from PACANS and now I am able to communicate very well. I am astonished by the unique teaching style of Mr. Umar Khan. I would regard him one of the best English teacher in Pakistan. As a matter of fact I would like to call him “King of English”.

The king knows everything and he is a very good teacher. He is polite and helps you throughout the course. He is also not like other English teachers who start making fun of students. You can call him anytime for help and he will check the essays you send to him. I would say that he is the only teacher who even teaches students for 6 to 7 hours

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