I am totally agree with the statement .

Educated people get more success in life as compare to non-educated persons. I have copious reasons for the support of educated people.

Firstly, success does not mean earning money or get power in our lives. A person without education may get success in financial life but it does not mean he he is handling his social life successfully. But a qualified business man get amenities to make balance life.

Secondly, after completing or during the studies education helps him for gain the comprehensive experience and he know how to deal the catastrophe that are mostly comes in business. While illiterate people can not do things efficiently. Yes, it is true in some exceptional cases some non-educated people are very successful in life.

But most of time it happen luckily, incidentally or due to some special reason. Some people have the God gifted qualities they do not need any degree. They are a institute by their self. I knowledge all these facts.

Thirdly, a well educated person have abundant degrees and absorb the technologies visiting the organization during the studies get latest technology. By applying the technology in their business he can reduce cost and difficulties that occur in the business. Same in social life a educated person more polite and have the august arrangements in his social matters. He manage his house btter and understand well the problems of his children.

So, in conclusion a well educated person is more success full.

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  1. October 12, 2011

    We never say ” I am totally agree” You can say “I totally agree” or “I am going to agree”
    There are some grammar errors which we will discuss in the class. I will tell you the use of prepositions. The ideas were good but there was some problem in the sentence structure.

  2. aftab ahmad
    October 12, 2011

    Ok sir thanks.

  3. abdullahislamabad
    November 2, 2011

    I am Abdullah Nazir and this website is very helpful for learning English. There is a lot of material regarding learning.And i appreciate Mr. Umar Khan. He is very hard-worker. Mr. Umar Khan is my friend as well as Boss.

    Abdullah Nazir,

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