Technology makes people unemployed

Technology makes people unemployed

I agree that, the Technology makes people unemployed, as we know that in every field of life, Technology plays an important role. People are more dependent on new gadgets made with the help of Technology knowledge. In present days almost 60 percent student all our the world are prefer to learn about the Information Technology, which help them and they are able to help other people to make their life easier  by making of different types of machines and gadgets.

Due to advancement in technology, makes many people unemployment, a computer, reboots in many shapes from car reboots to human shapes makes work easy and fast.  A computer can perform many tasks in a Nano seconds, can calculate, instruct other reboots, and handle multiple machines  a one man can perform many people tasks in seconds with the help of computer.

Now in current period all car manufacturer companies using computer’s and reboots for making of world top class cars of the world, almost every department of the company from manufacturing to assembling are computerized, all the time reboots are busy in making of world fastest and finest cars in world without taking any break, they don’t demand any salary, rest , medical,  or other things which humans were demands , that increase the profit and performance of the company and makes unemployment in the world.

Day by day advancement in technology makes people more unemployed

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  1. November 1, 2011

    only one mistake: Prefer to know about learning technology Excellent essay, this is equivalent to the essay present in the IELTS books

  2. naseer
    November 4, 2011

    WELL being a student i would disgree with this statement.

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