B.com in Hailey College

Problems which I faced while doing b.com


I am a B.com Graduate. I have done my B.com from Hailey Collage, Punjab University, Lahore. It was a two year degree program.


In this article I will inform you about the problems I faced while doing my B.com degree.

Firstly, it was very difficult for me to reach the college because it was a long 16 kilometers distance. Secondly, there was no proper or easy route to reach there. I was not given hostel accommodation because there was unavailability of rooms.

There were two sessions of classes in those days of morning and evening.

I got enrollment in evening session because of tough merit. The disadvantage of evening

class was that teachers appointed by our university did not belong to the permanent faculty.

University hired the visiting faculty for evening session classes, but they were unable to create friendly and helpful environment in the class.

They only came to give lecture and they did not take test or practice exercise, other than that they were unable to give solutions to the students’ questions.

I recall that our statistics teacher always came to our class in the last fifteen minutes and because of this behavior we took application to our Dean but no action was taken by the concerned authorities. We also felt that our class was over crowded and teacher was not able to give his complete attention to every student. Lower staff was also not co-operative, I also took admission in a private academy. At last I passed my final exams with a b grade.

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