BA from Gujrat

Start with the name of whom  the most merciful  and compasionnate.

All praise is due to Almighty ALLAH.The creater of all that exists.may peace and blessings be upon  of Holy Prohfit the chief of all messenger of God and his family, his companions and all those who follow him untill the day of jugment.

Well  my  name is AHMAD RIAZ.I came from  Gujrat . I am very thankful to all for you gives me an operchunity for share my knowlegde to you.I have done my intermediate exam  from Gujranwala board.After that i live free more time at my home after that i feel  i have waste my many time at my home thats  why i decide that i should continue my study then i start my Graduation exam preparation.After a few month i  finished my exam prepation then i was ready for my exam.i apeared in my B.A exam. I  have done my Graduation exam from Punjab University  but now a day i am waiting my exam result.

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