IELTS exam Pakistan

The question is that why i am taking ielts.because  i wants to apply for study in abroad.when i will complete my ielts exam than i will apply for higher study in abroad.because abroad degrees accesptable all over the world.In Pakistan multinational compenies prefer the persons who have abroad degree.Thats why i will also prefer abroad degree  instead of Pakistan degree.Ielts mean International English Testing System.With the help of ielts we can open all world doors for out going in all over the world.Ielts  exam is only tips and technics it depends on you that how you makes a great prectice and how you pick and how you follew testing teachnics.if you will makes more prectice you will get more bands in your test and then you can apply in a good county and a well reputed collage and university.

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