What is the biggest sin in Pakistan?

 What is the biggest sin in Pakistan?

You all must be thinking that the biggest sin in Pakistan would be murder robbery or terrorism . but you are wrong. The biggest sin in Pakistan is

                           “To earn money by lawful means”

If you  think of doing a job or a business honestly. The whole corrupt machinery of bureaucrats and politicians will stand in your way and destroy your plans and dreams. They have put departments not to facilitate the citizens, but to restrain them from growth.

I know who you are. You are like me. You studied and did everything necessary to become a successful person, but no one was ready to give you a job. I know you are. When you decided to open your own business these corrupt bureaucrats did not let you do your business because you did not fill their pockets. I know who you are. You are the person who spends all night in distress because the government of your country is not providing you electricity. I know who you are. When you go out the police stops you and harasses you because you are on a motor cycle. I know who you are. When you go out of your house you don’t know whether you will return alive.

       “But never hate Pakistan because I know that you love it”

Don’t just say, do something for Pakistan.

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