Computers make our life easier Agree or disagree.

Computer was the invention of the 20th century, and it was invented to reduce the effort done by man so I firmly agree with the statement that computers make our life easier.

Now let us take an example from our daily life. A person, who is working in an office, has to make some documents or calculations. Suppose if he has to make a report and has to present it without computer he has to write the whole report by hand and the present it. The presentation may be good or may be not but with the help of computer he just has to type the report or copy paste it. And then computer has several options present a report or any sort of material in a better way. So with the help of computer his work became much easier. So he must say thanks to the computer.

Now let’s talk about the other aspects of computer. Have you heard about the GPS? Let me elaborate this thing to you GPS stands for Global positioning system with this system we can locate the position of anything on the world map. The can also help us to locate the addresses on the map.

There is another advantage of computer that we take in our daily life. The installation of computers in super market computers make the work easier before the computers it was very difficult to manage the data and to keep the record of each and every thing. But computer was the every only solution for this problem, that manages data and keeps it in proper order.

The other thing due to which our life becomes much easier is that the ways of communication computer provides us severd ways to communication with other and at low cost. In early days people used to write letter to communicate with each other, but now a days there are no such things like that. Now you can chat, send e-mails, messages and talk to other person through computer for free.

All these facilities we are enjoying because of computer lifer without computers are so difficult that we can’t even imagine life without it.

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