Load shedding and exams

Load shedding and exams

We Pakistani students are suffering from load shedding. The situation worsens when we have to study or have to take an exam.

Whenever we start studying for an exam the light goes. We are unable to study for my exam in the might, Even if we arrange a candle or battery it impossible to concentrate in such hot conditions. As a result of this we are not well prepared for exams.

The hell never ends. We also have to bear the load shedding while we are taking the exam. It is so hot and humid that we cannot even write a word. Our exams sheets get wet as if someone has dipped them in the water. When we ask the invigilator for a glass of water he insults us. When we look around in frustration or to divert or attention the invigilator blames us for cheating. When we ask for another sheet, there is a man who gives us the as if we are asking him for money.

In conclusion I would say that the education boards and governments make their all efforts to fail us, but still by the Grace of Allah we pass. From the preparation of exams to the attempting of exam they place all hurdles to get us failed.

We demand that the governments should either resign or give us 25% increment in all exams until the load shedding is not stopped


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  1. umar shahzad Qadir Awaisi
    June 17, 2014


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