Construction business is very good business. We can earn more and more profits from this construction business. We can earn from services of Construction business, being a purchasing material, we can earn more and more profits. But Pakistani compromise on quality, this is not good. Businessman invest for construction, they keep only in our mind, earn to money. That`s why, they compromise on quality.


We can earn from minimum investment, it is the best business of services provider in construction. Man power play vital role in construction business. There are different kinds of construction like industrial, building and civil etc. construction business have hierarchy system , first of all project manager ,he faces different milestone in this project and then other supporting staff work with us.


On the other hand, construction is very losing money business in Pakistan because some people cannot give the positive response. They gave third class material but receive money for first class. There is a lot of trend in Pakistan. That`s why, the construction business has been minimized from Pakistan.


All over the world, companies give preference at Dubai. Dubai place is the best for construction business from 2004 to 2009, after this period, the business may minimize. Now a day, construction business has been minimized in Dubai.


I concluded that construction business is very good for heavy investment. A little investment is not good for this purpose. In this case, a little investment cannot give more and more profits.



  1. February 19, 2015

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