present simple continuous

Correct the following sentences

1.       She does not bringing the book.

She is  not bringing  the book.

2.       I not eating food.

I am not eating food

3.       She was not branging the books.

She is not bringing the books.

4.       I singing the singing.

I am singing the song.

5.       The children eatings the ice-cream.

The children are  eating the ice-cream.

6.       We is not studying in school.

We are not studying in school.

7.       Are she living in Paris?

Is she living in Paris?

8.       Does they liking the chocolate cakes?

Are they liking the chocolate cakes?


9.       She liking the books.

She is liking the book.

  1. We completing not the assignment.

We are not completing the assignment

Mark the following as True or False

1.       We use Present continuous for something which normally happens   T

2.       We only put “ing” for present continuous tense  T

3.       Present continuous can also be used in the past tense  T

4.       I is going to mall is a correct sentence F

5.       Children is playing in the park. F

6.       Everyone are singing the song. F

7.       I am not eating drank. F

8.       She are coming now. F

9.       Are is he doing the homework? F

10.   Was he doing the homework?  T




Fill in the blanks

1.       She is ___going to visit me.

2.       We _are_________ coming to your house.

3.       ______is_____ he going to Canada?

4.       Are ___you_______ breaking the glass?

5.       We are ______going_________ right now

6.       She is watching a movie ________________

7.       The child __is____ playing with children.

8.       The children ____are____ playing with children.

9.       We are _____doing___________ homework.

10.   ____are _________ you talking on the phone?


Write 10 sentences in the Present simple tense

1-       I go to class at 6pm.

2-       I eat my food regularly.

3-       She dresses up every morning for school.

4-       He likes to eat food in restaurant .

5-       They play cricket on weekend.

6-       I like to read book while I go to sleep.

7-       She likes to wear high heels.

8-       We go to picnic on Saturday.

9-       I use internet to get information

10-   I normally do my grocery from nearest market place

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