Correction test

  1. I should goes to mall.
  2. I am agree with you.
  3. I will come at Tuesday.
  4. They would comes to the party.
  5. I have been did the work today.
  6. Work was done by me.
  7. My application was accepted.
  8. I goes to the mall.
  9. I failed the exam so i did not study.
  10. I does not study unless I studies for the exam.
  11. Sarah and i is very good friends.
  12. I like you as well as the right now the boy.
  13. I will go to the mall and than eat Burger.
  14. I studies for the exam although it was my exam.
  15. I drove the car, very fast and good way.
  16. I neither like ice-cream or fruit.
  17. I am doing a techer.
  18. Peoples like the city.
  19. Childrens was playing in the park.
  20. Why was your brothers sleeping?
  21. I can eat ice-cream.
  22. We should not eat ice-cream.
  23. Ice-cream was eaten by their.
  24. I had been working hardly.
  25. I like the city because very beautiful.
  26. Mall was gone by me.
  27. I am disappointed in you.
  28. The boy was sitting at the mall.
  29. The boy was sleeping at morning.
  30. I admire you work.
  31. John is taller then Jack.
  32. Mr, Jack , a politician, won the election?
  33. Why do peoples like the game?
  34. I touched the picture.
  35. He lied to me so I hate him.
  36. You cannot enter the classroom until you bring the fees.
  37. I met you tomorrow and we will also go to you home.
  38. I go always to the school.
  39. I seldem go to the mall.
  40. Why had you not informed us about the matter.
  41. I have been really happy.
  42. I came to your house yesterday.
  43. What was you brother doing?
  44. I had never seen such a beautiful picture before.
  45. The situation got worse after the man punched him.
  46. The prevailing situation of the country is making people happily.
  47. The boy was bravery
  48. The happiness boy was happy.
  49. How much dollars do you have?
  50. How many dollars do you have?
  51. Jack said that he had finished his work
  52. Work would be done by the staff.
  53. I visited the city of Lahore.
  54. I visited the Lahore.
  55. People do there work again again.
  56. I shall act upon your advice.
  57. You should act on your own discretion.
  58. Boys are preparing at the exam.
  59. Wealth people always stay happy.
  60. I sometime go to mall.
  61. Like without money is really difficult.
  62. I have been thinking about this matter for the before 3 days.
  63. She had done her work, she could not submit it.
  64. We must obey our parents.
  65. Work is complete by his.
  66. Teacher rebuked the child.
  67. I does not likes the person.
  68. Team was playing on the stadium.
  69. The picture was hanging in the wall.
  70. I had already discussed the problem with your father.
  71. Prior to this I had never visited this place.
  72. That is a good cars.
  73. The war was won by America
  74. America was won the war.
  75. I have finally decided to forsake cigarette.
  76. Things have not worked the way we planned.
  77. I am pursuing my dreams.
  78. I liked a painting which was not mine.
  79. I could have won the match if the weather was favorable.
  80. Stop favoring your child.
  81. I like you never.
  82. I will come at 10 minutes.
  83. We must believe in me dreams.
  84. You did not act in an appropriate manner.
  85. This dress does not suitable you.
  86. I had a car.
  87. I had completed my work.
  88. I have had a great time talking to you.
  89. Life has been really cruel to me.
  90. My cousin bring a cake for me yesterday.

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  1. Hassan khan
    January 31, 2013

    Dear sir’
    I’m going to take examination of english is not very good as they want.i want to join your institute but i can’t. I live in sir give me some advise regarding ielts

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