Cricket in Pakistan

Cricket in Pakistan

There was a time when everyone in Pakistan was crazy about crazy. I remember that I used to tremble of fear whenever Amir Sohail and Saeed anwar used to come on the crease to bat. Things have changed now. I have not a watched a single world cup sincle 1999.

I do not know what forced me to leave watching TV. There was time when I used to watch a mathch and then also watch the highlights of the match. There are still many good players in the Pakistan team but none of them is able to grab my attention.

Things have changed dramatically. First people used to watch the cricket with enthusiasm and zeal, but now people do not take the cricket seriously. Most of the people in Pakistan tend to switch the channel whenever they see that there is a cricket match going on.

After the attack on the Sri Lankan team, no team has dared to play cricket in Pakistan. The Pakistani team has to play other countries on the other country’s home ground.

There are some efforts being made to revive the same enthusiasm, but PCB and government both have been unable to be successful in their aim.

Why do you think that cricket is losing its popularity in Pakistan?

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