Problems in English Grammar

English Grammar

English Grammar consists of many areas. People normally associate the words “English Grammar” with tenses, but English Grammar is a very vast subject. There are many areas covered in the English Grammar. All these area will be dealt separately in this website. This website aims to provide free education to the students of Pakistan and India. PACANS will cover the entire English Grammar course on this website.

Most of the ESL learners have problem in remembering the English Grammar rules. To be honest the rules are quite tough and tricky. It is impossible to remember all these rules unless you practice them well. It is the teacher’s job to tell you the rules, but in the end it is your job to practice that rule and then apply it correctly. You might have noticed that people say a sentence correctly and there a bunch of mistakes in the nest sentence they say. It is not the fault of the teacher as a matter of fact it is the fault of the student who was not able to give proper time to the subject. It is not justified to blame the teacher for your own mistakes. No doubt that the teachers play a role in your learning process, but it is you who play the vital role in your learning process. So avoid the blame game and start practicing English Grammar.

The next question which arises in the learner’s mind is that which is the best book for practicing English Grammar? There are many books in the market which provide practice material for English Grammar, but I would advise you to talk to your teacher. You English teacher is the person who knows your English skills and he or she is the person who can give you the right opinion.

There is not point of searching “English Grammar books” on google because these keywords have been already bought by the big book selling companies, and they are likely to advertise their own products even if they are of little value.

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