English Essay: A time when you judged someone first and then realized that you were wrong about the person

A time when you judged someone first and then realized that you were wrong about the person

It is always said that “the first impression is the last one”, however, it is not every time to be agreed upon. Well. My personal experience with making trustworthy and caring friends has always been negative. I didn’t have much sincere friends in my life and had faced betrayal many times since my childhood. So, it became very difficult for me to trust someone new or stranger at the first meeting. This is the experience I faced that I regret even now whenever I think of it. The first day of the university should be made memorable for every student, where they are able to meet and greet new people who have come to study under one roof all over the world. I also wanted my first day like this, but unfortunately, I messed it all up. A long, white, skinny girl came towards me and led her hand to me and told me her name. She introduced herself, but due to all the negative and toxicity filled inside me, I didn’t want to be friends with her. Furthermore, what disgusts me the more is my rude behavior towards her. I thought that she will also be the same as my old friends and will show her real colors after some time. Because of my harsh behavior towards her, she silently walked away with her teary eyes without uttering a word. Later, I came to know that she was also lonely like me, had no friends, and wanted someone to roam around with. That was the moment, I felt so guilty and ashamed of myself. I thought that who I am to judge someone’s personality, I had no right to talk like that with that innocent and sweet girl. Before my delinquency increased more, I plucked up some courage and with a heavy heart moved towards her, hugged her, and said sorry. From that day till now we both have been best friends, and I am blessed to realize my mistake soon before it was too late to only repent.


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