Finding JOBS in Lahore

It is very difficult to find a job in Lahore these days. the employers have a hundred excuses not to give us jobs. What is the point of studying so much when we are not even going to get a job?

I have heard people saying that if you have a foreign degree it is very easy to get a job, but I would like to clarify this wrong belief. I have a friend who spent 1 crore rupees on his education form America and was still unable to find a job for 1 year.

there is a big problem going and no one is interested in solving it. these are the excuses which the employers usually state

  • you should have Master degree
  • you should have a foreign degree
  • You should speak English fluently
  • we are not hiring right now
  • your experience is not enough


I must tell you that these are lame excuses. You know the main reason people are not getting jobs.

Businesses are not starting up.

When a country does not have enough businesses  starting up, it is impossible to create jobs. Our country is not supporting the business community of the country. The qualified people of Pakistan are also leaving Pakistan in the search of a better life in another country.


I am no one to give suggestions but I feel that the young people should think of doing their own small businesses rather than begging these big companies for jobs. These companies are exploiting our skills and not rewarding us sufficiently.




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