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I am going to descant on the topic of terrorism. I am sure most of people have heard this word in their lives. You would have heard this word in television newspapers and your everyday life. Terrorism is a menace which has affected the lives of people all over the world. Terrorism has had adverse effect on the lives of people. Government all of the worlds have been working to restraint this action, but most of them have failed miserably. The most appropriate example of terrorism would be a bomb blast which kills people.

The world became familiar to the word “terrorism” after the 9/11 attack in America. Since then the word terrorism has been an important part of all the news broadcasting on the TV channels. There were many innocent live lost in the attack, and this even resulted in the Afghanistan and Iraq war. Pakistan also got involved in this whole thing and Pakistan suffered gravely. Over 40,000 innocent Pakistanis had to give their lives away, and our economy also had to suffer a loss of over 70 billion dollars,

Before discussing the causes and disadvantages of terrorism, I would like to define the word terrorism in simple word. There are many definitions prevailing, but I would like to state a definition which could be understood by everyone. Terrorism is an aggressive action which harms the people mentally or physically. You might also be considered a victim of terrorism if you read news which states that 3 people were killed by a robber. You might not be affected by the physical assault, but you were definitely affected mentally.

There are many causes of terrorism. The most obvious causes are injustice to people, rise in population and mental illness. There are also some other factors which may result in terrorism, but our discussion is going to focus on the above mentioned factors. If we control these factors then there is high chance that might be able to prevent terrorist attacks from being happening.

I am living in a country which is considered a third world country. Our country has all the resources to become an economically rich country, but we have failed to do so. There are many factors which have contributed to our failure and increasing population is the biggest one. The rate of population is increasing so drastically that our government has been unable to provide the necessities to the people of my country. A large majority of the people in my country are living a miserable life. They are deprived of the basic necessities in life. When people are provided with the basic necessities of life, they get frustrated. Eventually their frustration reaches to a level when they decide to get these necessities by unlawful means. The government in my country has failed to provide the necessities of life to these people and as a result of which these have started doing terrorist activities which has harmed a lot of people.

Another cause of terrorism is injustice. Injustice may be done on all levels. Injustice may be done by the government, injustice may be done by individuals and injustice may also be done by another country. Many people in my country have been killed in bomb blasts done by terrorists. Have you ever considered that what has forced them to become terrorists? I remember that I watched an interview of a terrorist. The terrorist stated that he became a terrorist because his innocent children were killed because the authorities bombed the place thinking that there was a terrorist in the vicinity. This severe injustice forced me to take revenge and become a terrorist. A very sad incident took place in a city of my country in which 2 boys were bashed to death. The murderers said that the boys killed their relative and they were not being punished for their act. This event could have been prevented if justice was served on them.

There are some people in this world who have a mental illness. These kinds of people love to harm other people. There is no reason for their strange behavior. These people just love violence and it is their main motive to harm people and they feel passion in doing so. These people need mental attention and they should be kept away from the society so that they could not harm the society.

There have been devastating consequences of terrorism. People have lost their lives. Many people have lost their body parts while many have been affected mentally after losing a loved one. Terrorism has had very bad effects on the lives of the people. In the following paragraphs I am going to discuss the ways in which terrorism has affected the people.
Thousands of people in the world have lost their live die to terrorism. No religion or government permits a person to take the life of an innocent person. I feel ashamed to say it but terrorists have even bombed the mosques in my country. My religion has taught me peace and my religion has asked me to even die for my Muslim brother then how can a Muslim take the life of another Muslim who went to pray to Allah. How can anyone be so ruthless? Families have been destroyed in this process. If some in the family dies of a blast then his family is also devastated.

We should try to stop these terrorist activities from happening. Terrorism causes terrorism. We should stop killing innocent people because it gives birth to a terrorist. We should resolve the issues by talks because killings result in killings. The courts should work to provide justice to people on all levels. Repeated injustice will force people to become terrorists. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Media has very significant role to play in this process. People in my country believe in the messages which the media conveys. So media should try to tell the truth. Media should clearly state that which action was right and which action was wrong.

I hope that the concerned authorities try their best to fight terrorism, so that the killing of innocent people is stopped. We will live a better life and we will also be able to give a better life to our next generation.

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