Study in Canada for Pakistanis


Canada is often referred to as the land of opportunities. I completed my education from Canada and came back to Pakistan. When I meet people in Pakistan they are either in the process of going to Canada or they are planning to start the process. Canada has something to offer for everyone, but there are some things which I would like to tell all the Pakistanis. I lived over there for about 3 years so I know the whole process to go to Canada.

Canada for Students
If you have the money to afford foreign education then I would advise you to choose Canada for your destination. Most of the consultants in Pakistan mislead the people and charge high amounts of money for their student visa. Believe me you are wasting your time by giving them so much money.

One of my students told me that he paid about 10,000 dollars to the consultant to get the Canadian student visa. I was shocked after hearing this. You do not have to pay so much money to the consultant because it is quite easy to get the visa for Canada. You do not even have to pay the consultation fees because the consultant will get 20% of your fees as commission from the university or college.

There are certain things which you should complete before you get the Canadian student visa. If you provide the following things then there is a great chance that you will get you Canadian student visa.

6 month bank statement of Rs 20 lac
IELTS score of Band 6 or above
Property details
Character Certificate
Medical Certificate
1st semester fee paid in advance

    2 thoughts on “Study in Canada for Pakistanis

  1. muhammad farhan
    August 21, 2013

    my name is farhan n from rawalpindi..m just starting ielts to
    get canadian student visa…i chat with several consultant
    abt the process and expense occur on this process…but when
    I search on net…the cost is v less…now I wanted to start
    process online by myslf but m litle bit confused….is ther anyone
    who can help me…i will be greatful…cuz I cant afford
    feeses of consultants…u knw they are charging 100 percent
    extra amount…if someone want to contact me then my number
    n skype adreesss is here…even consultant can contact me…if they will charge actual
    qureshi385 skype id

    • Abdul Hameed
      June 28, 2014

      I want to go to canada for study or work plzzzz help me

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