Good news Bad news

I also think that new editors must decide what to broadcast on television as well as what to print in newspapers,magazines and stories.
There are several factors influencing editors decisions towards their actions,firstly,dependence on different kinds of watchers,readers with their different views ,interests towards life.each kind of customers has its own, if the watcher is small child, then he might be interested in watching cartoons,animated movies,fairytales etc,..if the viewer is teenager,he/she may find stories,funny movies,cartoon movies,comedy animated movies,they feel excitement by watching their favourite heroes,young girls and boys tend to watch tv programmes containing fashion,romance,thrillers.
they prefer to read fashion articles,romantic articles and like fashion photographs of their favorite personalities and hearoes,these are certain ways for attracting the viewers and readers.offcourse,they will not adopt silly things to provide them with political and bussiness news.whereas, the middle age man are usually habitual of reading newspapers at morning with a cup or tea,to make them aware of the news,no matter how horrible they can be,but house wive are more interested in watching cooking programmes,morning shows,dramas and also like to read about cooking recipes and  mainly,social and family issues.on the contrary,business men, and politicians are much keen on watching business updates, seminars of different political parties,their rules and regulations and newly formed policies.
thats why  editors capture the attention of viewers by knowing their tastes and priorities.
Conscientious editors try to make attraction towards readers by introducing hot and warm topics,they may be fight or war among nations,an earthquake,floods and bomb blasts news.these circumstances increase the curiousity among readers,they try to watch every moment details and live tv coverage, which may take few days to weeks.thats exerts strong pressure on the editors to provide details of moments just happen few minutes ago.
 On  televisions and newspapers,we already become used to bad news,rarely watch good news.As in such  big world,we cant deny the fact that everday  we receive thousands of bad news,they create depression,fears and sadness in the lives of readers,make them curious enough that they try to know when ,where,why something bad happened?what are the influences ? how it would be solved?
then readers  start buying newspapers and watching televisions to find out the results. this is real happiness and success for editors,to get good business day by day.
in my opinion,good news should also be reported and appreciated.bad news come with sadness and pain while good news bring joy ,peace and is the responsibility of editors to provide good news.
Any inequalities between good news and bad news should be avoided. That is the best solution.
Now, we can’t live without news. Thereby, the role of news editors is very important. We should support them. And what they have to do is try their best to provide us useful news, both good and bad .

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