Should we promote competition amongst children?

Nowadays, demand of education is increasing day by day,these increasing demands are putting much pressure on the shoulders of children who have lot of burden from all sides by different this case,some people think that a sence of competition in children should be encouraged to fight for maximum goals and to compete with other students ,while others believe that who are taught to co-operate with each other during studies  might be more beneficial.
As we come across several experiences in life,where we find that students have to compete with each others to prove them and to get successful results,so they have to put extra efforts,they need to find best schools,colleges and institutions for being educated,they have to search best teachers and use all of their skills to face new challenges of life,even in our education system,there is very strong and tough competative test system already being adopted by the government for admissions in private schools, permedical and pre engineering colleges ,medical colleges and engineering colleges etc,..where a students have to compete with thousand of other student not only for clearing written exams but also for interviews ,where on losing one marks they lose their seat of addmission for ever.even during sports and extra-cirricular activities, players have to compete with others to win a game, Also during  international sports players have to compete all other nations so all these views visualizes the importance of competetion in our lives.
on the other hand,co-operate minds are useful for the prosperity and success for ones individual bear strong points or bad points in his personality,by combination and cooperation among people of different minds are necessary for the development of future.we will learn much faster and deeper when we share our feelings,performances,skills and strog determinations leads to perfect results.
In a nutshell, I strongly believe that competition and co-operation have many benefits and our children should be taught both sides in order to help them being self-confident in the future. By the way encouraging and finding the good ways for our children, family and people around them will support them to make a good start when they begin to learn about competition or co-operation.

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