IELTS Sample Essay

I am going to disagree this statement that People should not liable to pay taxes to the government,those children do not go to government financed schools.Some people argue and blieve that those who do not send their children to the government financed schools,should not have to fund these schools through their taxes,since neither parents nor children benifit from these schools.Firstly they ignore the fact the fact that everyone bnifits from the strong economy that a well educated populace generates in any country.

Secondly,many people think that whether they should not send their children to the governemet financed schools or must send their children to the private schoos,are confused due to quality of education system that is lacked in govenement financed schools while private schools are very commited to deliver quality education to their children.

Moreover, the major reason that restricts the parents to not send their children to the govenement financed schools is that they do not believe that their given taxes to the govenement financed schools,will benifit neither themselves nor their children in their lives at any aspect of their livelihood,but they they do not know this fact that every country in this competitive world is  extremely needed to upgrade its economy through their educated generation in their repective population.

Forinstance,in the United Kingdom,we can see examplary education industry that not only fufills their own country’s requirements but earns a lot of foreign exchange by attracting international students around the globe,therefore the economy of UK is going to strengthen day after day.

In addition to this reality,we find the true findings of this topic and respect the people who are encouraged to send their children to the governement financed schools for supporting the government through their paid taxes.Because parents who send their children to the governement financed schools considered themselves as true nationals as they understand the economy of the country is highly dependant fom the taxes that are received from the governement financed schools

A clear examination of these benifits reveals the fact that everyone benifits from the strong economy that is derived from the educated generation in the population

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