IELTS Sample essay Band 5.5

I accede with this statment that tabboco campany should not be allowed to advertise their products.The most common product of tabboco company is Ciggarates in the world.People use it for the relaxsation and try to reduce thier stress.

Now a days everyone is in stress and depression due to thier financial problems so for reduction of their depression,they use to do smoke ciggarates.But  youngest starts this just for style and feshion.women also do smoke Tabboco company also give attraction to female by their slim and light woomen also like to do smoke and try to over come thier tention.


Peoples take it for relaxsation but howz they can ignor that note which printed on ciggarates pack that ‘CIGGARATES IS DANGEROUS FOR HEALTH’and without health howz we can live enjoy our lives.For the time begin it could be helpful in reduceing stress but long time sideeffects are very dangerous for health.Most of the dangerous deseases like Lung cancer ,throat cancer ,mouth cancer are happend just due to smoke,so we try to avoid it


Now a days a law is going to pass in Uk that ciggarates will sell out under the counter,due to this statagy ciggaraates sell will go done and youngest will not attract as musc as their are..So Pakistan government  should need to pass as such type of Law to control this dangerous product.

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