IELTS Writing essay Band 4.5

Economic growth is depend on good education

I agree that economic growth is mholly depend on good education.if we study the history of developed countries those at this peak level of economic the reason behind this good education system.Education is the key for success in every field of life.But the economic growht is tottally not depend on education.we will discuss below all the  aspect of thhis topice.

Frist thing that support education as measure of economic growht is that if the level of education is high and also good education system prevail than people can pick more business oppertunities.The high rated economic growth countries are also high rated in education.Good education system and modren thought of education is necessary for economic growth.If we take the example of united kingdom the eduucation is necessary  for every child and they also stand boom level of economic growth.

But some other ground realaties that support economic growth these are natural resouces.If the nation rrich in his natural resouces they maybe enjoy betterr liffe than others.iff we take example of Saudi Arabia

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