IELTS Writing essay: Food advertising should be banned. Agree or Disagree?

Eating food is the basic necessity of every person living in this world. And eating healthy food is right of each person, now how we could come to know which food items are healthy or which are unhealthy in a particular stage of one’s life.  There are so many ways to tell people about their required food and advertisement is one of the strongest mediun to tell people about any particular thing right from any consumable items to complex buying decisions. Advertisement of any item not only tells its pros and corns but also let people choose what is good and what is bad for them.  It reduces costs and also increase knowledge of the consumer about any product.

The first thing that stricks to the minds of the customers while watching any food item related advertisement is their nutritious values, its contents, brand, quality of the brand and benefits which a consumer can get after eating that particular item. The most important is the nutrious values of any food item, if for example we are talking about kids milk is most essential diet in their daily consumptions, and mothers take their decisions not only by reading all the contents written of the pack but also they can decide by watching an advertisement. If some girl want to maintain her physic then low fat or skimmed milk would be the best choice for her and she can get it by watching advertisement.

By informing people about food items through advertisement can also become a part of huge economic  activity. Many companies spends millions of rupees annually just on advertisement which directly or indirectly become a reason of job opportunities for many people. Also advertisement can reduce costs and time of the consumers, as what they see in advertisement is available in the market. If a person wants to buy a particular product for eating, and he has seen it in advertisement that the product is available in his area, then it reduces the cost of traveling and also saves time.

By advertising of food items, a reflection of culture and eating habits are reflected or a particular area, which can attract people form other areas to come to that particular area, this will not only become the reason of cultural exchange, but also become a reason of knowing people of other areas.

Some people may have a strong reason that by advertisement of food items,may change the  eating habits and this could cause differet dieseases to the people. Well advertisement has nothing to do with eating habits of people, advertisement has only one function which is to provide information about the food product. Thus it is concluded that advertisement of food items should not be stopped like advertisement of cigarettes, because it has many benefits some of which are discussed above.

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