Imperial School of excellence

My old school name is Imperial School of Excellence.  My old school is very good school. It is situated at a llama Iqbal Town near by Samna bad Lahore. It is very old and beautiful building. It consists at 10 marls and 2 story building. There fore, there is a big playground and many swings. There are many classrooms in my school. There are many classrooms in my school. All the classes are airy. There are many chairs and one teacher table. Some of the walls are massive and ceilings are very high. I was reading with childhood in my old school and I was reading 7th class. I know my old my school is very beautiful and there is a big hall in my old school and big classrooms. My class is very big and airy and decorates with chats. My school timing was 7 o’clock and I was going to the school at the time. All facilities in my old school there is a big library and laboratory. I know my old school staff very kind and devoted. My old schools Principal is very kind hearted man and loves all the children. Ever year was contained the distribution prizes function all the children of different classes participated. I was got some many medals. When I was in my last school, I was very happy. I was wiping but my school teachers and Principal consolidated me. I was very happy in my old school. I am proud of my school. I will pray for my old school. May Allah safe my old school Amen. I love my old school very much. I will recommend the other children to admission the school. 

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