Samsung GT.B-5722 phone in Lahore

My Mobil Phone


I have Samsung mobile set ,it is a  branded name in mobile market and has lots of models in different shapes and specimens . I have latest  GT.B-5722 Model set in Samsung  , it has unique and latest qualities. For example ,it is a dual sim set in which we can activate  two connections  at the same time and also use it same time but in others set you can activate dual connections but cant use it at the  same time.


It has lots of other qualities which are different in my set from others sets that is , it has 3.2 mega pixel camera and the result is owesome ,I can use it everywhere to catch my pleasant moments of life so I am very happy  with it .


And ,it has good memory  space in set and also get 2 GB memory card with it  which we can use to save our data .More important and major quality is in this set that we can use massager ,face book, friendster,picasa and google for search  because all these are inbuilt in this set , we just need to activate the net from connection end.


Because of my this latest model set ,I can keep it touch with my friends and business community too and utilize all services according to my needs .i am very happy with my mobile set so you can say this thing that I love my mobile set more than everything.

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  1. December 2, 2011

    It has some mistakes but it is a very good article

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