correct sentences

Please correct the following sentences

1.       He said that, “the work should be done by him”.

2.       The boy will eat food.

3.       I do not like to go anywhere.

4.       I am like anyone.

5.       I  agree with the statement.

6.       I cannot come for the stadium.

7.       I will go for check up.

8.       I am study in an university.

9.       Boy hates me.

10.   I want an egg, bread, and a pen.

11.   Pakistan is a good country.

12.   I am aming to see a doctor.

13.   We decided to insulted them.

14.   I like you.

15.   I usually go to the mall.

16.   I went   school yesterday.

17.   The work was done by me .

18.   She hates her father.

19.   I want my bag.

20.   Please bring your bag.

21.   I never tell a lie

22.   Whose ‘ your father?

23.   I promise, I wil do your work

24.   I am coming for your party.

25.   He did not study so  he is not  taking an exam.

26.   Ali is taller than Umar.

27.   I will reach at  8 pm.

28.   I like to live in a  hostel.

29.    I am  taking the exam again because I was failed

30.   Their house in Karachi

31.   There is a house in Karachi.

32.   Do you ever go to the school?

33.    I am happy.

34.   They washed their clothes.

35.    I had been doing this job since 4 years.

36.   I have been doing this job since 4 pm.

37.   I have a pen and book.

38.   Sarah and me are going to meet them.

39.   Please do not ask them.

40.   Is Dr. David a good man?.


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