P.U B.com part 1 date sheet 2012

P.U B.com part 1 date sheet 2012

I know that most of you are scared of the B.com part 1 exams which are going to start on 7th June 2012. You do not have feel worried about the exam because it is better to revise for the exams rather than getting worried. The date sheet for the B.com part 1 exam would be announced about 15 days before the B.com exams start. The first exam is going to be for business stats and the nest exam is going to be for computers. Students will get 8 questions and they will have attempt 5 questions out of those 8 questions. The exam normally starts ate 2pm and it last for 3 hours. The exam is going to finish at 5 pm. If you are looking for  the best guess papers, revision notes and revision kits for the B.com part1 and 2 exam then you should call: 042-35963381

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