1)      My next semester will start  in August.

2)      I went bank in afternoon .

3)      I took my medicine in afternoon.

4)      I will be party with in 30 minutes.

5)      M y favorite t.v show will be aired at night.

6)      I will for function at night.

7)      The last war was fought in 1978.

8)      I have not visited Islamabad for the last 2 years.

9)      I am in practical life since 2002.

10)  We will not go for party until Saima comes.

11)  Students are sitting in the class room.

12)  I went office in the car.

13)  You will got reading passages in the book

14)  We are going to held a concert for a college on 14 Dec.

15)  I am at pular  for enhancing my beauty.

16)  This audition will come on T.V.

17)  I visited gallery on Monday and saw many unique pictures were hanged on the wall.



    One thought on “Preposition

  1. December 22, 2011

    2.I went to the bank in afternoon
    4. I will be at the party within 30 minutes
    6. I cannot understand it
    12. I went to office
    13. You will get
    14. We are going to hold

    nice effort!

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