vocab Sentence

  1. The rate of Dollar is escalating now a days.
  2. Our leaders are busy in accumulation wealth instead of guiding the Nation.
  3. I have taken debt for my new house from bank.
  4. Child do not like to be  burden on their parents after graduation.
  5. I have sufficient balance for international call.
  6. I have good notion for your new business.
  7. My cell phone still in warranty period.
  8. I am always trying to pursing my teacher.
  9. What is your contention regarding our present political situation?
  10. Our religion plays significant role in our lives.
  11. I already did sufficient trades in this month to achieve my target.
  12. Our leaders are only interested in monetary benefits.
  13. Saima has not tendency for Forex business.
  14. This function is organize under my authoritarian.
  15. Ladies are visited to beauty polar  to enhancing their beauty.
  16. I am consistently attempt for this pos degree.
  17. I am not relying on you for this trip.

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