Role of women in our society(Pakistan)

Role of women in our society


Women play a vital role in our society, we can see, they play role in every field. Now a lot of department where face the challenges. They perform very well. Islam realized the importance of women. That`s why, Islam give equality between men and women .As a mother, her position is very unique. She brings up the children with extreme care and First school of child is the lap of his mother. It is quite true that great man have great mother.


If the mothers are educated, the whole society will progress. European said “Give men good mothers; I will give you great nation” then we will see, the nation will progress as far as think. Women worked side by side with men in or society.


Women give better education than men because they know, what is life, how to live, how to wear, how to peak, how to walk, how to sit, how to meet elders, older, how to eat, how to drink etc. They are eager to earn money not only for themselves but also their family. There are also taking part in the progress of country. They have come forwarded as athletics .they have also come fireweed writer columnist, correspondent, newscaster actor, point ,engineer, doctor, prime minister, ministers,  and Rural women work in the field with their male members  form dawn dusk.


On the other side, women are not equal to men. They are too different. There is much difference between men and women because minority of men tortures the women, they bear. Most of the cases happen in our society. However, tradition does not die easily. Society treated differently, doesn’t give the right and dues to the women. Men dominate and women keep in separate perspective.


There is no difference between men and women in the usual activities like eating, drinking, working and sleeping etc. Generally speaking, most of the men do not like women go to outside the home for exhibition. But majority of the women is compelled in our society.



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    December 14, 2016

    very nice speech its about the human rights and i also agree bcuzzzzz now adays our society becoming so selfish that they are nbot giving the importance to the women even our islam gives the most importance to women which i dont saw anywhere in pakistan

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    We should take care about Rules and law in sharia and those limits which are specified by islam…….

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