Ten tips to write a proper cheque

A cheque is banking instrument, which is made by banking institutions for facilitate their account holder to withdraw their desirable amount from their own account in different ways like cash withdraw , transfer from one account to other account within intra bank , bank to bank and transfer/pay  their amount  from one country to other country

Below are the ten tips to write a proper cheque.

1 – Amount in words and figure should be same.

2- Date should not be stale.

3- It should be proper singed, same as specimen signature, admitted by your banker at the time of account opening.

4- Payee instruction should be written clear in pay line.

5- If you want to bound payee/bearer not withdraw your cheque on cash counter then you should draw to parallel lines on left side upper corner of the cheque, by doing this payee/ barer can only transfer money in his account.

6- If you want to restrict that only specified payee will withdraw the cheque, and then you will cut the bearer word written at the end of payee line.

7-If you want to bound that the only payee will transfer the cheque in his own account then you will write payee name in pay line, draw two parallel lines on left side upper corner, and you may write Payees Account only in it or you may cut the bearer word written after the payee line, by doing any one of the above tip you cheque will be restrict as you desired.

8- If you want to restrict that payee only deposit your cheque, in your desired bank branch, then repeat tip 7 by adding bank and branch name in after payee name.

9- A drawer should cut all unutilized drawer space on cheque that unable payee/bearer to add some additional instruction on it.

10 – If you make any cutting/ overwriting while drawing cheque, you must sign it.


Hope. with the help of above tips, you may accustom issuing of a proper cheque

Best of Luck!

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  1. November 17, 2011

    3- It should be properly signed

    Very good tips! Keep up the work

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