Short note/essays on my favorite city Farooqabad

I live in Punjab.The name of my hometown is Farooq Abad.Though my city is not developed so much,it provides a range of opportunities for education as well as for jobs.It is regarded as a central point for many backward areas.According to last years’ census , approximately 34 lac people live here.
At present ,it has two housing colonies.The names of these colonies are Bahria housing Colony and Greenland Housing Colony.Of these two colonies, former is more economical.Every year they give houses to needy ones in easy and desirable methods.
One of the significant features of Bahria Colony is , it provide every facility within its premises.Parents are now becoming very conscious about education of their children.This , Bahria Colony , provides both primary and secondary education.The schools here are run by competent teachers.Suprisingly , head of this colony is an MBA graduate.I must mention here , the ways in which he is running schools , and managing everything in colony is somewhat unbelieveable.His name is M.Ubaid Azher.He has created a task team and an educational team.The purpose of educational team is to organize essay writing competitions.They make a yearly survey to access number of needy students, because they offer scholarships to deserving students.Moreover, it has a super market where u can buy anything.
Besides, my city is also famous for some traditional food items.One of these dishes is Saag , commonly known as “Green Valley Food” here. A lot of time is required to cook spinach in a special way ; yet it is very economical. Although it is a common notion that small cities don’t have efficient hospitals, hospital of my city is among top ten hospitals of Punjab.There is 24 hours working emergency center , and also a trauma centre.In addition to these , facilities are also available for providing first aid to burn patients.
People of my area are very generous.
They are always ready to help the poor.
Fortunately , I am among those who are doing their parts to aid the needy ones. I have painted a wall near my house as”Wall of generosity ” where everyone puts down their extra clothes and shoes .
I collect them in night , and almost every week, I travel to villages alongwith my friends , and distribute these clothes and shoes among the needy families.
There are plethora of shops in my city ranging from small grocery stores to mega marts.One can find any brand here either for buying phones , clothes or shoes.There is a “Sunday Bazar” that held every Sunday in one of the biggest ground near my house.Though clothes and shoes are sold in Sunday Market , they are being sold at half prices than the routine rates.Moreover, shopkeepers from far away areas travel to Sunday maket for doing publicity of their products. These products also includes handcrafts alongwith shoes and clothes.
Sunday Markets are now becoming very famous in my city. Many people are trying to book place , beforehand , for their shops.This whole Sunday market is organized and managed by a private company.
My hometown is also blessed with 24 hours electricity, water and gas supply.
To conclude, my city has every facility. It is making progress leaps and bounds.I want to live there for rest of my life. Although I am far away from achieving my goal ,I want to serve my hometown.

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