Spoken English course in Delhi

Spoken English course in Delhi

There are many websites on the internet which are providing spoken English course. Most of the websites are teaching English in English. It is quite difficult to study English in English. We all need a tutor who would teach English in Urdu. Now the question arises that who is the best teacher for spoken English course in Delhi?

What do you want from an educational website?


The one and only thing that everyone wants from a website is that the website should be free, but in today’s world why would someone provide anything for free. There are people who are even selling and why do you think that anyone would sell serious knowledge for free when millions can be made by selling all this stuff on the internet and in various book stores?

The answer is that not everyone is the same. PACANS has made it primary objective to educate people. There are millions of students who benefit from the free education provided by PACANS. PACANS has provided about 500 free videos for the entire spoken English course.

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