Women are always better parents than men. Write an essay.

Women are always better parents than men, How far you agree with this? Give your opinion in not than 250 words.

When a child comes in this world the first gift which God gives him, that gift he gives him in the shape of parents .Who look after him and give him so much love and care. If we say that women are always better parents than men I agree with this because women as mother spend most of the time with her child on the other hand man remains busy in his job. It does not mean that he does not want to give love to his children or he doesn’t want to give them time actually because of his busy routine at his work he unable to give time to his children, on the other side ,mostly women remain at home and they can easily look after to her kids. Women as a mother is very close to their kid .God gives them special heart for their kids. Even when their kids unable to speak they just know their need when they cry. When children grow up they go to school and they missed mostly their mothers because they had been spend most of the time with her mother before going to school. Mother knows what his child like to wear, like to eat, she knows his needs. But man because most of his time he spent outside so he does not know his child needs as compare to mother.

It is saying that “Mother is a name of sacrifices” she gets pain when she gives a birth to child .She wakes up whole night to look after her child if she sees her child in pain or hunger .Even when her child grows up still she take care him like a kid. Even working women also try to give their time to their children as much as possible they can do. I think women are better parents, but mother and father both are important in child’s life.

    2 thoughts on “Women are always better parents than men. Write an essay.

  1. Rukshar
    April 29, 2012

    Punctuation of this essay is way off and you should use a thesarus, the vocabulary of this essay is really primative.

  2. Rukshar
    April 29, 2012

    A mother is definently the best caregiver for a child. A child without a father may be raised, but one without a mother will not function in society as well. This is because mothers are the one that teach us affection, our first words and many ettiquettes which makes us able to converse in the ‘outside’ world. Fathers on the other hand are more ‘bread winners’ and their soul purpose is to provide for us and may teach us some small survival techniques. Mothers teach us nuturing, compassion, trust and so many warm feelings that no book can teach us.

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