Studying is not important, agree or not ?

studying is not important, agree or not ?
i disagree with the statement because studying is an important activity we need to appreciate
it is necessary because we need to study to fulfill todays demand for seeking jobs also for studing lessons , we cannot survive without studying in present life to meet challenges of present world.
when , someone study, their take a lot of information taht widen the horizones ,improving careers producing maximum output to deliver perfectly in various fiels of life.
studying,help us to grow morally,mentally as wel as getting full studies in all subjects we would able to understand them properly then only we we can cope with the world but hkeeping us well know and informative , possibly by studying hard
studying also help our nation to be progressive because the more educated nation would lead us to the heights of prosperity and bring heaven on earth.only educated civilians and workers can prove the best successful nation. studying give honour , prestige and respectable life to readers .when any child born in a muslim family.he or she listen our holy azan in his ears ,this is first step of studying by listening.even , when a child grows a mother tries to teach him. he starts studying in the lap of mother without talking by observation.this process goes on  untill indvidual start studying in scholls ,colleges and universities. a very long but consistent procedure leads to development,betterment and deduce the notion of ones nation.
no doubt. studying is a blessing startes whan a child open eyes to see the worll all around.this studying lead him to stars,discovering planets, so keep on opening the horizons of all that is present between sky and earth and that is between sky and outside invisible world. make human so infromative and advanced on earth that he is most successful creature on present earth.
but , there are some bad effects occured in some nations ,where natives who after being educated ,individuals start making and using bad explosives,missiles , gun shooting,develop technologies like drawn bombs to spread terriorism and fear by attempting wars on other nations ,they usually destroy lives,wealth and economy in just feww seconds.
also, some students who study well , they forget moral obligations and insults the elders , sometimes look bad ways take them to drastic and devastating results
in the light of above discussion,human beings who forget their values,culture,tradition and religion are real enemies of nation as well as for themselves ,accoding to me , if it is supposed to happen after being education, then studying is not important.

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