Punishing the murderers

By punishing murderers with the death penalty, society is also guilty of committing murder.therefore, life in prison is a better punishment for murderers.Agree or disagre
yes, i agree with the statement which shows that  the punishment of death penalty for murderers is also a crime.
In my opinion,death penalty is also a big violent crime because whether it would be given in the form of dangerous and lethal injection,giving electric current shocks,hanging up, beating till death,all forms of punishment given by the law.it is also a big crime where we murder the murderer.
I even argue with this statment that really government should teach a unforgetable lesson to those who try to creat disturbances in other lives by kidnapping other kids,stealing money,do robbery,shooting with guns,do bomb blasts,smuggle heroines and alcohol to other countries,there executers bring hell in other lives,some lose their beloved ones,some lost their money,even some lose everything and commit suicide for unbearable pain.
But, by punishing the murderers with death penalty ,government also take revenge from the family and relatives of murderer.i believe that the feeelings and grief of persons  who lost their loved ones is tough to bear thats why they should be punished but i think we need to give a murderer a lesson that how they destroy whole families by killing just one person who may be a father, mother ,husband ,wife or a child.after that,the whole family suffered for whole of their lives.
no doubt,government should punish the murderes by putting them in jails or in prison.By giving long term punshment,prisoners should stay inside prison where they think and analize about their mistakes ,as they stay away from their families ,use to eat jail food ,have to do work with other prisoners ,this is humiliating for them which make them to understand what they did,why they destroyed others lives now they have to stay alone be unaware of outside world.
som people by staying in the jails get frustrated and lose their interest in life, even some become psychic and commit sucide because its much tougher and difficult to pass time in a closed cell with humiliating life
so i strongly recommend this type of punishment because by taking lives is not the ultimate solution but to teach them lesson throughout their lives
and to keep them in prisons to see if they show good behaviour and signs of improvement inside their cells , to teaCH A lesson is my final approach for this topic. 

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  1. fishgirl_noreen
    February 17, 2012

    well said.

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