B com part 1 2011 result announced

B com part 1 2011 result announced

The b come exam was held in june 2011 by the university of Punjab in Lahore. The result is expected to be announced in the mid of August. b com students complained that the exam was very hard and with the scorching heat their performance in the exam was greatly affected.

PACANS research questioned some of the b com students and here are funny answers by the students.

How did the auditing paper go?

it went all wet because of my sweat
Do you think you will pass the exam?
He smirked and said,” B com walon tum pe supply farz hai”.

How did your exam go?

I thought that this exam was next week.
Why did you choose to do B.com?
Because I don’t know

One thing which the PACANS research team observed was that the students were unhappy with the condition under which they were attempting the exam. The world has changes in the last 10 years, but if you analyse the b com papers of the last 10 years they haven’t changes at all.

we strongly feel that new reforms should be introduced in the b com syllabus so that the b com students can compete with the ever changing world

We will inform you as soon as they result is waiting so please do continue visiting us.

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