characteristics we are born with-essay

Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much more influence on our personality and development than any experiences we have in our life.Which do you consider to be the major influence? 
According to many psycologists,it is believed that genetic machinery and behaviours are involved in psycological and mental is seen that person is mostly effected by his inherited factors which are related to his personality, features,physical appearence,posture,color and race as well as his ways towards life which may be right or wrong
But, we are still unable to decide that whether the man’s personality and development is effected either by his gentic factors or by the environment present around.
There is no doubt behind the fact that genetic factors influence ones personality and development throughout their lives but experiences have sometimes unpredictable and disastrous effects that lasts forever.As we see that if someone have good parents, who are religious and decent in their views,but their children grow up they join bad companies and develop wrong ways.similarly,if someone have bad parents,but their kids when come across good friends during their school and college lives,they experience and learn new aspects of living a good life.
Life is also teaches such lessons in life that change ones personality for ever no matter how his genetic factors should be,the hardships and continuous struggle takes a man to learn difficluties and one day he would be able to get success in his life that is possible because of his experiences either taken by teachers during studies or by interacting with different people of different places.
even , the defeat gives lesson to try again and again. i remember one story which i want to write here that ,once uopn a time there was a king who had fought a battle  with another country,due to unfavorable luck , the opposite army ran after him to take his life,in order to save his life he got stuck in one cave,where he saw one ant ,who were trying to reach up but on every attempt it failed to do so,it tried for six times but when it moved for seven times it went up and got its goal by try try again.
this is an excellent example to show that such experiences  are very important to move high in life.

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