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I am happy to get this topic for my essay.this topic has asked me that news editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in the we become used to it?and would it be better if more good news was reported.I agree that we become used to bad news.we have just become addict of bad news.they have occupied the minds this trend has affected children a lot.they have just become hopeless and frustrated.there are many reasons that news editor decide to broadcast bad news on television,for example,lack of listener or reader,lack of sponsors,low business and earning,low sale,pressure groups

one of the main factors that influence editor s decision is that if they start broadcasting only good news on television and printing good news in the news paper,the viewership will be decreased.once it was found that one television channel started reporting only good news,very soon it went out of business because of lack of viewers.
second main factor is sponsorship.channels and newspapers earn from sponsors,so if they start to report only good news,then it will become difficult to get the sponsorship.and this will affect the earning of channels and sale of the newspaper.
A very painful factor that influence the editor decision is pressure groups.for example,some political parties pressurize and force the editors and media to report bad news.
People suffer a lot from these kind of news,bad news or what.print media and electronic should work for the betterment of society.they should run entertainment related programs.they should work to make people aware about health related issues such as Cancer,TB, Hepatitis,etc.
This is the responsibility of the people who have the power to write or broadcast,they should do this with dignity.



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