Many doctors say that people in today’s world do not do enough physical exercise. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions are there to this problem?

Physical exercise is an imperative part of healthy lifestyle. As the world is getting modernized, people are eliminating physical exercises from their lives. Medical practitioners around the globe say that physical activities are not so common among people nowadays. There are many causes behind it but the main reason is the development of technology, which has brought so much ease in people’s lives that they have become lazier, and have become addicted to their phones. Moreover, they have reduced the amount of time they used to spend on physical activities.
World is getting modernized day by day, and companies are introducing new technical devices frequently. This development in technology brings new interests and more ease for mankind with it. People are getting so involved in these gadgets that they become lazy and addicted, and they have excluded physical activities from their lives. In past, people used to go for morning walks in parks, but now they check their phones immediately after waking up. Children in schools have no interests in sports; they prefer to spend time on their cell phones, for instance, spending time on social websites, playing games and texting. People used to go to gyms or parks after their working hours for exercise, but now they prefer to use their smart phones.
There are some solutions available for this problem. Firstly, government should start campaigns about the hazards of not getting enough physical exercise. In schools, teachers and administration should educate students about the benefits of exercise, and the adverse effects of this addiction of gadgets. Secondly, parents can limit the use of phones, and encourage their children to do some sort of exercise daily. Companies can arrange some exercise breaks during working hours to promote physical activities among its employees.
In conclusion, as people are getting addicted to this modern technology, they are doing less physical activities. But with little effort it can be changed, and the habits of doing exercises on daily basis can be restored.

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