IELTS Exam Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Band 7 for 2019 (Academic/GT)

In any particular company, a management hierarchy is imperative because with the help of a well drafted hierarchy of workforce, the company can achieve certain aims. The company can effectively evaluate the company strategies, plan the actions to be taken in order to reach the business goals and divide the functions among the workforce effectively. To emerge as a successful organization, there should be a good coordination between first-line, middle and top management. Naturally, the company employs people for menial tasks. For instance, a company might employee an errand boy, but it would be unjustifiable to pay an errand boy a salary which is tantamount to the salary of a director.

It is a common belief that hard work pays off. The harder you work the more successful you get; however, everybody is different and has different domain of knowledge and set of skills. Some people can do multi-tasking, which means they can do both technical and managerial tasks simultaneously. Though they don’t perform much physical work related activities, their mental skills say it all and enable them to surpass others. It wouldn’t be upright to reward them equally.

It is unfair to pay the same amount for the different works which may lead the workforce lose reverence among each other. If companies would not motivate their employees buy giving lucrative salaries and hefty bonuses, they might lose motivation to work harder which is a fundamental issue. Hence, setting the same amount for whole workforce would not uplift the motivation level of the workforce.

To recapitulate, I am adamant on the view that no one would want to work more and get less. I vehemently believe that everybody should get the reward according to the input he or she gives. Eventually, companies which promote the notion of paying same salaries to all workers will experience downfall.

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