Best IELTS Essay Writing Strategy

The essay given in the IELTS exam is a persuasive essay. Most of the people attempting this section complain that they often run out of ideas while writing the essay. I am going to tell you the steps which you should follow in order to write a good persuasive essay

Before starting the essay you should try to gather as much ideas as you can, regarding the given topic. There is no point of starting the essay before planning it.

Agree or Disagree
The examiner asks you to agree or disagree with the given statement. Most people tend to agree with a certain statement because they believe that it is right. Never adopt this kind of strategy when you write an essay. You should choose the side on which you can write more points.
I will explain my notion with the following example:
Just assume if you smoke and you are given the following topic:
“People should quit smoking”. Agree or disagree
Points for agreement
Bad for health
Unnecessary expense
Bad breath
Points for disagreement
Release tension

You can see that even if you are a smoker you would be unable to find strong points against the habit of smoking. So, you should choose the point of view, about which you can write more and well.

Explain the topic:

Do not expect the reader to know everything. You should explain the topic in simple words so that the person who does not even know about the topic can understand it well.


Always provide reasons for your statements. You should present a topic sentence for each paragraph and then you should write supporting sentences for the topic sentence.

Answer the question in reader’s mind
Answer the question which arises in the reader’s mind. You cannot persuade the critic or the examiner unless you answer the question which is in the reader’s mind. Just imagine if your reader is a smoker you had to persuade him or her that smoking is very bad habit. The reader will present the argument that smoking helps him relax, but you will have to tell him that there are many other ways to relax like doing exercise or going out with friends. By providing this point who have negated the strongest point of your critic.

You should present a good conclusion. Most of the writers fail to fail a good conclusion which summarizes the entire essay and provides the writer’s point of view clearly.

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  1. Baber Ihsan
    October 2, 2012

    This is a good way to learn how to pass the IELTS exam.This is very help full for everyone.but Sir would you please tell me that is there any campus of Pacans in Karachi..

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